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Guys missing their stove play the most beautiful guitar outros.


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I have a lot of sshd_config files that are mostly the same, except for some small differences.

For example, ListenAddress could be different because a host has a bunch of virtual interfaces that ssh should not listen on.

I would like some sort of Include feature, so that I can Include an additional file if it is present with some customizations.  Does this exist for sshd ? If not, has anyone else ever felt the need for it ?

Answers on a post card below !


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A new window manager written in Haskell.  And here I thought sawfish was hard to hack on for picking a relatively lesser-known language to be implemented in.

I don't know whether to be in awe or in tears.  Let's read the home page.

Number of times use is used as a verb: 2

Number of times utilize is being utilized: 3

Ok, it failed the utility test - I'm in tears.

Lessons learned the hard way

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According to /etc/security/limits.conf, nproc controls the "max number of processes".

In reality, it counts a thread started by a process as a process.

This makes the setting orders of magnitude less useful. And, since it goes through pam, and thus gets decided at start time, also a little painful to recover from changing this setting to a higher value to account for threads.

moap release

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A new moap release is out ! This release adds support for Darcs to the moap changelog prepare/commit/diff and moap ignore commands, and generation of iCal data based on the releases in DOAP files.

I've been wanting to add iCal and RSS feed generation based on this for a long time, so I can automatically update feeds when I do a release of any piece of software. RSS feeds are an excellent way to keep updated about project releases. And I like seeing the GNOME iCal spread all over my Evolution calendar.

Now, with Dates getting better on my N800 with every release Opened Hand is rocking out on, I wanted to get the GStreamer releases on there too. It was pretty hard to figure out why Evolution was refusing my ics files when subscribed to on the web. Importing them worked fine. In the end, it turned out I was missing a UID field for each VENTRY. And evolution-data-server-1.8 was telling me so ... on its stdout.

(Sure, it is nice for Evo to be all component-based and stuff, but if the end result is that your code is writing to stdout without anything being connected to stdout - because you are some background server process - then you need a better way to get warnings to the main application. Now the components in eds just litter silly output to stdout, showing that nobody ever sees that stuff because nobody bothers keeping it clean. Like I really need to know what memory pointer the currently selected calendar uses ? Enough ranting though.)

Anyway, now I have lovely Dates showing lovely GStreamer releases. Maybe now I should actually make some !


I am looking for people interested in making me a nice image or icon. Hey, it works for the Opened Hand guys, why can't I use the intarweb to shake down for icons ?

I am also looking for people to package moap for their favourite distro. Come on Gentoo hackers - be agile ! Come on Ubuntu people - care about maintenance !

Shed bike

This is your opportunity to bikeshed ! I have a quick-and-dirty implementation of an RSS feed feature ready to get commited using templating with Cheetah. Users will want to customize their RSS feeds so allowing them to template the feed makes a lot of sense. I am also planning to get the release mail be templated, and do atom support ,and possibly more stuff.

Cheetah was easy to get started with, in about an hour I had the meat of the feature programmed. I am also going to look at Nevow, just because I am ridiculously reverent of anything Twisted - even though it seems Nevow is more suited for XML-like output.

Here's your chance to bike shed ! Which (Python) template system should I use and why ? Bear in mind that I want to be able to generate at least plain text, HTML, RSS, and Atom. Answers on a post card or in the comments !

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