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moap vcs bisect

Filed under: Flumotion,moap,Python — Thomas @ 20:32


Next step on this weekend's yakshave: a first implementation of moap vcs bisect!

The interface is lifted from git, obviously, since that's where most people will know the feature from.

I implemented it first with CVS, so I could fix this pychecker bug which was blocking Fedora from bumping the pychecker version from 0.8.17 (3 years old) to 0.8.18. And sure enough, it picked out the commit I broke.

While implementing and while dealing with CVS's idea of how it stores CVS revisions and dates and so on, I googled and was amused to find this first hit on google for the words cvs and bisect. Clever Andy! And he cleverly sidestepped the problem I wrestled with by making the user specify two dates at the start instead of trying to figure it out from the checkout. And all in lisp too!

Then, to test that my VCS interface was sane, I implemented it for Subversion as well. That took about 15 minutes, since Subversion is much more sane than CVS. I tried the following command on a flumotion checkout:

moap vcs bisect reset; moap vcs bisect start; svn up; moap vcs bisect good; svn up -r 3000; moap vcs bisect bad; MOAP_DEBUG=4 moap vcs bisect run ./test.sh

With test.sh containing

test -e flumotion/component/consumers/gdp/gdp.py

(In other words, look for the commit that added this file.)

Sure enough, it picked out this commit:

[moap-trunk] [thomas@ana flumotion]$ moap vcs bisect diff
Index: /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/configure.ac
--- /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/configure.ac (revision 6909)
+++ /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/configure.ac (revision 6908)
@@ -212,7 +212,6 @@
Index: /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/flumotion/component/consumers/Makefile.am
--- /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/flumotion/component/consumers/Makefile.am (revision 6909)
+++ /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/flumotion/component/consumers/Makefile.am (revision 6908)
@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@

disker \
- gdp \
httpstreamer \
preview \
Index: /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/ChangeLog
--- /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/ChangeLog (revision 6909)
+++ /home/thomas/tmp/flumotion/ChangeLog (revision 6908)
@@ -1,16 +1,5 @@
2008-06-20 Thomas Vander Stichele

- * configure.ac:
- * flumotion/component/consumers/Makefile.am:
- * flumotion/component/consumers/gdp (added):
- * flumotion/component/consumers/gdp/gdp.py (added):
- * flumotion/component/consumers/gdp/__init__.py (added):
- * flumotion/component/consumers/gdp/Makefile.am (added):
- * flumotion/component/consumers/gdp/gdp.xml (added):
- Add a GDP consumer.
-2008-06-20 Thomas Vander Stichele -
* flumotion/component/producers/gdp/gdp.py:
Add error for http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=532364

So, the feature is ready for testing. It could use some more documenting, and some additional goodies like accepting arguments to moap vcs bisect start for example.

Feedback appreciated!

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