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Mixing business and pleasure

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7:24 pm

13.45: call new customer and ask some technical questions
15.03: downloading and burning FC5 CD and DVD install CD’s – 15 minute download time
15.26: burn CD with latest updates and custom software
17.30: leave work with backpack with laptop and CD’s
17:49: take subway
18.03: pass by Casa Battlo on foot, admire the building again as usual
18:07: enter radio station
18:10: talk about radio stuff while installing encoding machine
18:35: get shown around radio
19:15: install last packages, discuss firewall
19:25: reboot to verify macine connects to platform on its own and install in technical room
19:43: leave radio
19.51: sit down at Ciudad Condal and order croquetas de jamon, montadito de solomillo and montadito de langostinos to celebrate

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