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People have asked me what to do about my upcoming birthday now that I live far away.

Well, the best I could come up with was to
create an Amazon wishlist. Hey, if it works for hadess, it can work for me.

I hope that helps the people with moral issues :)

kernel module packaging

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I spend more than a month coming up with a decent solution that people seem to like to packaging kernel modules, which also seems to work for 2.4 kernels, together with some other bright people. One month. And I mail lists, try to get people to look at it, get some feedback, just basically trying to get stuff moving through the fedora.us QA system.

I am away for a week doing something as trivially uninteresting as doing the world's first Theora stream of a conference, and then everyone starts discussing everything at the same time on the mailing list, generating one of the longest threads ever. Then somebody tells me I probably wasn't following the discussion. Well I sure did try to bring it up more than a few times.

Sometimes this sort of thing just makes me really really tired. Would it have killed some of the people taking part in the discussion to at least take a look at the solution I'm proposing ? Instead, none of the people involved in the discussion seem very willing to budge from their position. It's been over a year, and Fedora Extras still is nowhere near where it should be, despite the incredible amount of uphill climbing done by people like Michael Schwendt who put me back in my place when I deserved it.

Is it that hard to pull together and fix some real issues for once ? If it doesn't get solved quickly I'm going to start a completely inane release tag naming proposal thread on fedora-devel and switch over to SSDS.

I'm up for sale to someone that can make good on the promises they make.

Fortunately I spent a chunk of my Sunday on the beach. The beach puts things into perspective.


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Another year, another GUADEC. I'll post more on stuff later when I'm awake again, because I'm completely wasted. It feels nice to have the support of a community behind you, thanks to all you people.

The one thing I wanted to mention right now, lest I forget, is that I kept thinking about Bruce Perens' heckling Dr. Edgar Villanueva NĂșnez. While Bruce's argument sounded reasonable, something didn't gel with me, and I couldn't put it under words.

When getting off of the plane in Amsterdam I noticed a guy carrying a really big carton box with Peru-Lima on the side, looking eerily familiar. So I stepped up to him and polished up my best Spanish to ask him about it, since at the talk his explanation might not have been very comprehensible with the ad-hoc translation, and I was very tired myself to follow.

Talking to him I realized what I felt was wrong with Bruce's attitude. Basically, Bruce's argument revolved around the idea that there should not be discriminating laws that favour open source, because it turns us into the bad guys. A choice should be made on technical excellence.

But you know, that argument is completely not relevant. Dr. Villanueva's mission statement is not to put free software on the map, or favour it, or have it prosper. People jumped on him making him a hero to the cause - a fact which he himself seemed most of all surprised at - and then he gets attacked by another hero.

What Dr. Villanueva is trying to do is to enforce laws to have free software because he wants his people to have the possibility of getting good software that doesn't have to cost much and they can look at and change. He's doing it for his people, not for the free software community. And really, wasn't that the point of free software in the first place ?
Sure, Bruce makes a good point, and I agree with him.

But Dr. Villanueva is not a free software hacker. He's a statesman trying to do right by his people. And to see a politician honestly trying to do right by his people is a refreshing sight. And on top, he seems like a very bright man and he took out the time to answer someone he doesn't even know in a private conversation and explain his reasoning. I hope Bruce after the talk yesterday did the same thing.

For those wondering, recorded Ogg streams will be online sometime soon. The hard disk is in my backpack and there's some basic splicing to do, and then they'll be out there.

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