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GStreamer 0.10

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 20:29


Lock your sons and daughters in this week. GStreamer 0.10.0 has just been released !

While working on the prerelease, I IM'd in a song request on WXYC, the radio that was first on the net (it seems that we in Europe were pretty soon after, not bad). Here's the snippet from that request. Notice him saying zero point one, not zero point ten. I guess when you think about it normal people would indeed say 0.1 and not 0.10
You can get requests on yourself, I just IM'd wxycrequests through gaim and the guy responded immediately and was very gracious.

Also, hearing the guy first leave his previous track play out completely, have a pause, have the intro of the next track on the first CD play, then interrupt it, then pause for a while, then do a completely dry presentation, then have some more radio silence, then play the second track, but fade it in way after the drums have started rolling, takes me back to those good old days way back when from 94 to 99. Getting 30 soon, anyone ?

We're having a cheese lunch on Wednesday in celebration, drop us a line if you're thinking of passing by to sample Edward's selection. Hints available in the release notes.

I'll be glad to turn down the heat a little on my GStreamer hacking and get back to Flumotion now. We've been under the radar for too long with the 0.9 conversion, and now it's time to turn ship again. Onwards !

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