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Down Under I

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Resisted the urge to buy a PS3 in Singapore. Lennart from PulseAudio was on our plane. Landed on wednesday evening after a 26 hour plane trip. Got picked up by Shane and Kate, Jan's friends, and taken to their excellent villa where we were forced to play the Wii for the first time. Didn't get to bed in time.

Thursday we got up before seven (yes friends, I can if I'm forced to) and headed off to the first day of FOMS. It was pretty excellent meeting all these people, seeing what they work on, how they are in real life, and so on. Nice to meet James Courtier-Dutton for example, the xine/mplayer hacker responsible for the DVD stuff - good to see his surprisingly refreshing take on those projects. I didn't realize that in a lot of cases mplayer is a quick dumping ground for some feature or codec, and xine is where the feature goes after a bit of design work.

We got Shane's computer in to do recording of FOMS. Sadly, the firewire connector on his box wasn't actually connected to the motherboard. That's where I'm happy I hack on Flumotion - insert a Firewire PCMCIA card in my laptop to use it as a producer (a 1.3 GHz isn't fast enough to do both firewire and Theora), then let the big box take care of encoding.

The most exciting news for me to take away from FOMS is that Shane is hacking on liboggplay and a Firefox plug-in that will play Ogg content, with the Annodex bits, and push this into Firefox 3. It would be excellent to have the whole multiverse around wikipedia/Firefox/Annodex to integrate with each other.

Saturday evening was the Twilight Singers concert. While I was queuing in line I heard a guy speak English with a different accent - turns out he's Flemish and saw a poster while he was travelling. Fancy the odds. Printing my guest list e-mail saved my life as it often happens, but this time it was much easier - you just show the e-mail and everything's fine for Australians. In Europe you always get to argue and wait and call. So, tip for you Australians: next time U2 comes over, just print a fake email from Bono letting you in, adding a few small touches like mentioning Africa and OLPC and you're in. Concert itself was excellent, I think Mike was won over.

We spent the night at Miki's, Jan's best (wo)man. Sunday Jan's dad took us on a trip to Hunter Valley, sampling wines and cheeses. Found a nice dessert wine that I hope to share with Kristien sometime soon, will need to lug them around for a long time though. And then it was back to Sydney for our first night in the dorm. I was dead tired and just hit the sack at 22.


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Got up way too early after sleeping way too bad. Picked up Jan in a cab. Jan sure knows how to give a date the royal treatment - we are sitting in the BA hospitality lounge sipping our drinks and getting free PC's, courtesy of his Silver card. I hope I have time left for a quick sauna and massage before we pop off to Sydney.


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This morning an elderly man at the bus stop commented on my choice of footwear, then got on the bus and high-fived an elderly lady he knew. Maybe life doesn't end at 60 after all.

mach 0.9.1 released

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One more item off my weekend TODO-list !

mach allows you to set up clean roots from scratch for any distribution or
distribution variation supported.

This clean build root can be used to run jailed services, create disk images,
or build clean packages.

- Add FC6, CentOS 4 and JPackage 1.7 configs (Ville)
- Run rpmlint by default (Thomas)
- Cleanup of dist files (Ville)
- Enable buildroot and rpath checks in FE roots (Ville)
- Add /dev/(u)random to the root (Thomas)
- Sync FC build package sets with Fedora guidelines (Ville)
- Create RPM transaction lock directories during prep (Nigel)
- Add Fedora PPC configs (Matthias)
- Add debian build files (Jan)

More info: mach project page


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one more work day separates me from my long journey to the Prison Continent for FOMS and LCA. Together with an admittedly short stop in Bangkok, this will bring my total number of continents visited to 5.

(Dropping off Kristien at the airport tonight for some reason made me feel lonelier than usual. Maybe it's the idea of being so very on the other side of the world the next two weeks ?)

I am not braving the wilderness alone, but taking my trusty local guide with me. I've been told he's Australia's answer to Krusty the Clown. And we're also bringing our OLPC laptop, I'm sure there will be a bunch of them there so we can test the wireless.

If you want to meet up and discuss Fluendo/GStreamer/Flumotion/Fedora stuff, or hear me wax on about moap or savon, or pull me into a Twisted/GNOME/OLPC/multimedia hacking sprint, drop me a mail or File a meeting ticket!

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