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How does Europe buy Thinkpads ?

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 15:25


Greetings fellow Thinkpad fans in Europe,

please share with me how you recently were able to buy a Lenovo Thinkpad. Did you order from the US site directly ? Did you find a local dealer ?

I am getting thoroughly confused by the Spanish dealers that carry Lenovo. They keep coming up with models that don't match my relatively simple request (T series, no widescreen, 14 inch, Intel graphics chip) or trying to sell me a Dell. They claim that Lenovo Spain can only get widescreen and no faster CPU than 2 GHz.

The site is getting a bit confusing for me too - are there actually any non-widescreen T61 laptops ? I would think that if it says WXGA it would be widescreen, and normal if it's XGA, but I can't be sure.

Really Lenovo, why can't I just directly customize on your site a laptop I want, and your organization takes care of shipping it through one of your dealers so I can just drop by and collect the damn thing ? It's like you don't even want money.

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