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Favourite spanish words

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  • vaivén
  • bocabierto
  • tiburón

Favourite Catalan words: ticis micis

UPDATE: I should open a dictionary before posting. It's actually boquabierto (even though I think the word for mouth is boca), and it's tiquis miquis, and apparently also exists in Spanish. At least I got the accents right on vaivén and tiburón. Thanks for the commenters correcting me. For Fons: vaivén is equivalent to "komen en gaan".

zero mail inbox

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A few hours of triaging and my personal INBOX is back to 0 mails, after 10 days of holiday.

My work INBOX got smashed down from 5000 to 150 over the last two days, but still some work to do.

0 mail INBOX is addictive once you actually get the hang of getting it under control and have a system in place for dealing with mails.

Wishlist wonders

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A while back someone (you know who you are) mailed me to say that a script I wrote saved his ass under a deadline.

For some strange reason the prostitute in me won and replied

If you want to restore your karma, please do something nice for someone
else and tell me about it, or alternatively (I feel like a dick for
saying this :)) see http://thomas.apestaart.org/presents/

I felt really dirty, but it was worth a shot.

Today, I got a mail back:

It took a while but I finally got around to browsing your wishlist! This looked fun so I got it, it should be on the way from the US:

Hot dang ! I'm going to take out the prostitute in me and buy her something nice so she comes out more often. Looking forward to getting that book, it looked cool when I added it to my list!


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Sometimes I take the architectural marvels of this city too much for granted. But recently I've been reminded of them frequently. I had a nice Flemish dentist working from a dental clinic here in Barcelona. When I suddenly found myself in heaps of pain around the end of August, I first found out that my nice speaking-my-language doctor had left for Valencia, and that there was no way to get treatment from my clinic during August.

I ended up going to a dental clinic on Paseig de Gracia, and they fixed me up with some antibiotics and a string of four extra visits to remove the nerves from one of my molar (I don't think I'll ever get lucky at a dentist, but I digress).

Anyway, all four of my visits so far (still on the same molar, impressive) have ended with me walking down Passeig de Gracia and taking a stroll past my favourite, Casa Batllo, the house with no straight corners. I've been in that house a few times, even though it's relatively expensive, but it's worth every euro.

But it's even better if you pass by one of these marvels completely unexpected. You're just riding around town, coming back from an excellent free Travis concert on a streetcorner near the old beer factory, you turn a corner, and all of a sudden you realize that that big spire of stone you're about to ride past is the Sagrada Familia. Its massive beauty is all the more impressing when it jumps at you unexpectedly.

fighting spam

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Is it me, or are these tools hard to get around ? I set up spampd for postfix some day, and mostly things work fine, but I have this feeling it should be blocking a lot more than it does.

For example, I think I configured it to use pyzor, but I have no idea if it's actually doing so. And it's incredibly hard to figure stuff out.

From spampd's website:

spampd is an SMTP/LMTP proxy that marks (or tags) spam using SpamAssassin (http://www.SpamAssassin.org/)

Well, that's great. Nothing mentions how this happens though. Which would be useful for me to be able to figure out which config file it's using for spamassassin. Is it the spampd user ? Is it the stuff in /etc/mail/spamassassin ? root's ?

Even at full debug log, the word pyzor does not ever show up in my mail logs. You're supposed to run spamassassin -D --lint to see if it uses pyzor as if that were the magic bullet to figure out how to get your spampd to use pyzor, but the site glosses over the fact that you running it as your user or root has no relation to whatever process is actually using spamassassin.

Somehow this stuff should just be a lot more transparent.

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