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Nerd Night

Filed under: Belgium,Hacking,Python,Spain — Thomas @ 16:58


I remember when I moved to Barcelona I was planning to take the opportunity to bring out my inner nerd more. I was going to go find a LUG to join, meet up with fellow hackers in the local area, and do the things nerds do.

I also had this vague idea of getting people from work over to my place on a weekend and working together a whole day on a common project.

Well, the LUG idea didn't pan out - I remember finding two LUGs around Barcelona, one being entirely Catalan and the other with less of a nationalist focus, but still pretty Catalan. I guess I was scared to join up with my nonexistent Catalan skills. I didn't meet very many local hackers, though I recently started going to the Barcelona Python Meetup, and I still have to meet up with Pau whom I met on the subway.

The hacking weekends didn't happen either - I don't think people were as interested as I was to do so in the weekend, although I had a few succesful stints with Jan before he left for Ireland that I remember fondly. But mostly people were happy to go out and get drinks/food/partied.

So, I was happy when Peter proposed we organize Nerd Nights. The idea is we get together and do nerdy things. We used to do this automatically in the house we shared before I moved to Spain. But now the other guys need to find a way to get some me-time away from wife/girlfriend and kids, and this is the perfect activity in which we're guaranteed to have the women not join in.

Tonight's the first one. We have various things we want to work on, including noiseproofing PC's, getting Linux on a really old laptop, teaching Jeroen how to bittorrent, Setting up the Tux Droid, setting up the scrolling marquee Peter and I have, using the Cue::Cat, designing a new DAD (Digital Audio Database), making a VGA-over-CAT-7 cable ... The list goes on.

It's not exactly like the Hacking weekends I wanted to do, since it's not Linux- or hacking-oriented, but it's still enough to keep my inner nerd happy for now :)

MOAP 0.2.6 is out

Filed under: Hacking,moap — Thomas @ 16:43


A new release was long overdue. Over 20 bugs fixed. Sorry to all the maintainers who had to maintain their project without this!

I am looking for packagers for various distros. I have people for Debian/Ubuntu and am going to submit for Fedora myself in a bit. But all other packagers are welcome, both to package moap and to try it out

If you're interested, here are the release notes:

This is MOAP 0.2.6, "Nerd Night".

Coverage in 0.2.6: 1288 / 1742 (73 %), 103 python tests, 2 bash tests

Features added since 0.2.5:
- Added support for git-svn.
- Fix brz diff.
- Added moap changelog find to search through a ChangeLog.
- Added man page.
- Added moap tracadmin to administrate trac installations.
- Added changed properties/added/deleted files when preparing ChangeLog entries.
- Added checking of unchanged ChangeLog entry template.

Bugs fixed since 0.2.5:
- 263: broken changelog unit test
- 267: a man page
- 270: cl find completely busted
- 275: cl prepare --ctags failure with exuberant ctags 5.7
- 257: ImportError: No module named moap.util
- 258: git-svn support
- 259: bzr diff patch
- 266: svn:ignore property not well parsed
- 273: DEP: RDF, Fedora release 7 (Moonshine)
- 277: "changelog prepare" doesn't list changed functions in C++ files.
- 281: changelog prepare -c crashes with "not a ctags line"
- 282: make install fails
- 284: not full change detected on svn move file
- 286: [svn] propedit on externals is not recognized as a change
- 239: warn if ChangeLog has not been saved
- 260: Add changelog grep command
- 261: Option to make 'changelog diff' include differences in ChangeLog file
- 262: changelog find: fix for multiple search terms
- 264: Make changelog find case insensitive by default
- 265: git diff should show staged changes
- 271: trailing spaces in date/name/address line for entry break parsing

Contributors to this release:
- Arek Korbik
- Marc-Andre Lureau
- Thomas Vander Stichele
- Tim Philipp-Müller

external USB/Firewire drive

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 22:14


I want to buy a big external hard drive (500 GB or more), but I want it to be USB-powered (or Firewire-powered - if that exists) so I only have to plug one cable to have it work. My small Passport drive does this just fine. The external drives I've seen in the store don't mention at all if they do this, and all of them come with a power supply. (I assume it's completely possible to have either work, and that would be fine by me).

Anyone who's bought these things can tell me which ones are USB-powered ?

sabbat part 5

Filed under: Life — Thomas @ 19:41


I caved in and finally joined Facebook. If you hug me I'll hit you - in person. I did so after Kristien joined. After two days she was all excited about having 66 friends.

She had time to make 66 friends, but didn't have time to put her personal status as "in a relationship". I set her in her place by changing my status, and apparently you're allowed to say who you're in a relationship with. That person then needs to approve - smart move! I had virtual sex with Kristien by running into her room and shouting at her to accept me.

I didn't yet see if it's possible to be in a relationship with more than one person. I'm only allowed one neighbourhood though - I would like to set both my neighbourhoods.

I can see how people waste hours on this site.

Yesterday we watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on Bluray (now that we have the big TV). It was an excellent movie - I laughed out loud when Iron Man pees on the dead girl by accident. I have no idea how they got away with it.

It's hard to find decent Bluray movies - and to think it's been out for so long. Will it get better ? Answers on a post card!

sabbat part 4

Filed under: Life — Thomas @ 18:12


Things marked off my todo list today:

  • Release mach
  • Register address change (I now officially don't live in Gent anymore, after 5 years of unoficially not living there)
  • Get black satin paint for the toilet shelves
  • Register with the house owner's 'company'
  • Change CPU heatsink on home server to be more silent
  • Call Kristien's dad to arrange for Saturday's work-around-the-house

While I'm making progress this week, there's no way I'm going to get everything I planned done.

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