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near death experience

Filed under: Belgium — Thomas @ 2:50 pm

2:50 pm

Yesterday Kristien was crossing over, with a bus stopping for her on the one side, and another car coming from the other direction. She was crossing over with her bike in her hand. While she was passing the bus, a motorcycle was racing past the bus, with no intention to stop. In a reflex, Kristien jumped forward, so the motorcycle only hit the back of her bike.

The back of her bike was completely squashed. The motorcycle slowed down a little, looked behind him, then raced away, even as other cars were trying to block him from fleeing.

The car that was stopped in the other direction originally pulled a U-turn and pursued the motorcycle. He was able to write down the cycle’s license plate before the guy fled.

On the one hand I’m incredibly relieved Kristien’s fine, beside a broken nail. On the other hand I want to make sure the guy that did this is taken off the streets. I have little hope of the police finding him, from what the police is saying, even if someone did give them the license plate.

If anyone knows how I can track down the owner of a Polish license plate, feel free to let me know. Irresponsible scum should be taken off the streets.

The witnesses, and the people that chased the bike to get the license plate, where all incredibly friendly and helpful. This kind of thing restores my faith in humanity. All of them where what people sometimes euphemistically call ‘New Belgians’. Thank you all.

syncing large trees

Filed under: Hacking — Thomas @ 11:38 am

11:38 am

Using rsync on really large trees (> 1 million files) is really slow on the preparation stage. rsync creates a complete list of files on both sides. Especially if only a few files have changed between runs, the length of the preparation stage is much higher than the actual length of the synchronisation phase.

I thought that rsync had some options to take the mtime on directories into account, to not descend into directories that didn’t have an mtime change, which would vastly reduce the amount of files it would have to look at. Apparently I made this option up though.

Or did I ? Is there any software that does what I describe ? Is there something wrong with the basic idea I’m thinking of ? Feel free to put me in my place!

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