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Open Video Conference

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The Open Video Conference here in New York has just kicked off, and Flumotion is streaming it live in Ogg/Vorbis/Theora and WebM!

I'm talking about HTML5 live video, Flumotion, Theora and WebM today, a little after 11:45 local time (NYC, -4 GMT), which is around 17:45 and later for the folks back home, in the second room, in the Amphitheatre. Make sure you use a recent enough browser that supports either Theora or WebM, like Firefox 4 Beta!

Flumotion 0.8.0 ‘7 Portes’ released

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Just after leaving on holiday, taking him eventually to New York where he's relaxing now, our local release machine Xavier Queralt released Flumotion 0.8.0.

This release contains many goodies, but probably the star feature is support for WebM and VP8, Google's new codec and container.

Beside that, I'm particularly excited about some of the video effect support (notably deinterlacing, giving us better full PAL/NTSC quality) and the generic decoder element (allowing you to take an incoming encoded stream, decode it, and re-encode it to different formats).

Feel free to vote for Flumotion

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If you enjoyed the world's first live webcast in WebM/VP8 at GUADEC this year, you can send us a small thank you by voting for us in the streaming media awards. We think that our integration of WebM into Flumotion in only two days deserves recognition as being innovative and I hope you'll agree!

I'll be talking about this and other things at the Open Video Conference in New York first two days of October.


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I haven't done much work/conference travelling in the last months (I even skipped GUADEC, boo!), but it seems now is one of those months where random rears its pretty head again.

Right now I am at the other side of the world, in Sydney, a Holiday Inn in King's Court (interesting neighbourhood...) This is late notice and I might not read my mail anymore, but hey, if you're around and I know you, drop me a line. I was hoping to see Jan, GStreamer's release ninja, here, but apparently he lives on the border of New South Wales these days...

I'm here for two and a half days, and then I fly back to Barcelona, and then to Belgium for my sister's wedding where I am the best man.

My next trip is to the Open Video Conference where I'll be doing a quick overview of Flumotion and HTML5. The conference is 1/2 of October, so I'll be going to New York a few days before. I hope to go to FOMS as well for at least a day, but I'm also going to the Business of Software conference in Boston because, hey, we're a software business! And it's just around the corner from New York...

Further down the line there's Streaming Media Europe in London on Oct 13-15, where I will do another presentation and assist in a panel.

And finally I hope to make it to the very first ever GStreamer conference on the 26th of October in Cambridge, but I really should get my act together and book a ticket for that soon...

Now I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't try and squeeze a concert into these trips.

So far, I've gotten a ticket to see the Walkmen play in Boston on the 7th of October. I want to get tickets to see the XX and Zola Jesus on the 2nd of October in New York, but I can't make stubhub or related sites deliver tickets to Europe... Anyone in the US feel like joining me for that concert and receiving the tickets ?

It's going to be a busy fall...

Live WebM stream from GUADEC

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Six years ago, we did the first large scale Ogg Theora stream from the 2004 GUADEC conference.

It was a dime on its side to get things ready for this year. I purposely removed myself from the organization, because for various reasons I'm not going to GUADEC this year, but I was hoping the rest of the company would do their part to get this working, and I just provided the necessary prodding along the way. I've been told one of the organisers in charge of this got ill at some point and communication went a bit south during that period, so I had some complaints from our support guys that they had to do last-minute rushing.

But the streams are live today, and a few developers here are giddily running around looking at the stream, the image, working on some typical bugs you get when you're doing stuff like this for the first time (the artifacts on keyframes the encoder seems to have remind me a lot of the Theora bugs we had to squash back in the day, and obviously they are worse on still images, like, say, an empty conference room...)

Go check out the stream and make sure you have a WebM-enabled browser, like the Firefox 4.0 beta or latest Opera.

Congratulations to our intrepid hackers like Zaheer and Andoni for their hard work a few weeks ago on WebM, and I've been told Marc-André actually went to Holland just to deliver the encoders :)

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