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9:12 pm

Had my parents and my sister over for the past week. They dropped in right after Christmas. Spent a lot of evenings in good restaurants eating good food. Having been away from the family unit for some time made the transition back into disfunctionality all the more shocking :) These days I am perceived as the most normal of the lot. Not that hard to achieve though…

At one of the places my mother asked the waiter for a kiss four times. I admired the waiter’s persistence in managing to avoid the inevitable conclusion. At least he managed to hold out until the next day when she went back.

Somehow the family unit managed to get into arguments and drawn-out emotional aftermaths which I ended up trying to mend in the usual ways. Step 1 – get them in each other’s vicinity again. Step 2 – choose a safe activity for them to participate in (ie, going to the movies). Step 3 – pretend everything is fine and go along with the meaningless banter exchanged. Step 4 – watch them get physical with each other again. Step 5 – grit teeth as emotional gameplaying directs itself to me again, acknowledging temporary resolution of respective differences.

I can’t complain – I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who ends up in situations like this. And hey, they’re still my family. They should just come with a surgeon general’s warning.

GNOME shootout

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8:01 pm

I am ashamed. I haven’t had a full 2.9 GNOME build done yet. I was looking at some gnome-applets build stuff today since it seemed it was about to get some fixes commited that were dubious. Which is when I noticed I don’t even have a full 2.9. Sigh.

So, time to clean out the laptop. Every six months I clean out my jhbuild by doing this:

for a in *; do if test -d $a/CVS; then echo $a; cd $a; cvs diff > ../$a.diff; cd ..; fi; done

Which gives me a diff-per-module to see if I have any uncommited stuff left lying around.
After that, I do

 find . -size 0 -exec rm {} \;

to remove all zero-size patches.

I know this is boring information; I’m putting it here in the hopes that in six months’ time, I will just cut and paste these lines from here instead of recreating them from memory and screwing up in a myriad of ways.

After that I can start removing directories… And after that I have space for a new 2.9 build.

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