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GNOME shootout

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 8:01 pm

8:01 pm

I am ashamed. I haven’t had a full 2.9 GNOME build done yet. I was looking at some gnome-applets build stuff today since it seemed it was about to get some fixes commited that were dubious. Which is when I noticed I don’t even have a full 2.9. Sigh.

So, time to clean out the laptop. Every six months I clean out my jhbuild by doing this:

for a in *; do if test -d $a/CVS; then echo $a; cd $a; cvs diff > ../$a.diff; cd ..; fi; done

Which gives me a diff-per-module to see if I have any uncommited stuff left lying around.
After that, I do

 find . -size 0 -exec rm {} \;

to remove all zero-size patches.

I know this is boring information; I’m putting it here in the hopes that in six months’ time, I will just cut and paste these lines from here instead of recreating them from memory and screwing up in a myriad of ways.

After that I can start removing directories… And after that I have space for a new 2.9 build.

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