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morituri pre-release

Filed under: DAD,GStreamer,Hacking,Python — Thomas @ 12:15 am

12:15 am

After a visit from the unicode police I’m gearing up for a first morituri release.

If you’re on F-11, you can just install my repository and then install the latest snapshot with
yum -y install morituri

After that, pop in a relatively well-known CD, then type:

rip offset find

Hopefully, it will be able to tell you the read offset of your CD drive.

Then do

rip cd rip --offset (the number from above)

and it should proceed to look up the CD on MusicBrainz, rip and verify the tracks to flac, and then do an AccurateRip verification.

Let me know if that works out for you. And if you’re not on Fedora 11, you can always check out the source code directly, it’s not much harder to get running.

Trac 0.11 plugin hacking

Filed under: Hacking,Python — Thomas @ 2:54 pm

2:54 pm

On this week’s plane trip I finally took some time to port two of my trac plugins to 0.11 because work’s migration to 0.11 seems blocked on them. I did so because I started needing more and more 0.11 features, and the migration didn’t seem to be moving.

Funnily or sadly (pick your poison) after landing I checked our trac and it seems that while I was doing this port one of our developers had just done the same. Oh well.

In any case, I took the opportunity to clean up my Trac 0.11 hacking notes a little. These instructions completely remove the mental friction I always have to getting started doing any trac hacking.

I also updated the trac-hacks presence for these plug-ins: TracDupPlugin and TracKeywordsPlugin.

PulseAudio and Firefox

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 11:12 am

11:12 am

Taking further notes as I try and work through the various questions and problems that plague my setup with PulseAudio.

If you can shed any light on the following, please do!

  • Whenever pulseaudio crashes, sound in Firefox doesn’t work, even after restarting pulseaudio. (pavucontrol seems to suggest I’m using the ALSA plug-in for firefox). I assume we can agree that this is a bug. Can Firefox use pulseaudio natively, without the alsa emulation ? Is there any other way to make Firefox sound work as long as pulse is running ?
  • I’m trying to figure out why my F-11 desktop/client cannot see the devices from my F-9 media machine/server anymore – yesterday I had it working. avahi-browse -a -t on the server shows the sound cards exported; on the client, the same command lists all the other services on that server, except for the soundcard. paprefs on the server tells me that the devices should be fully network-reachable and exported. What else could be causing this problem ?
  • If pulse is for some reason not running on the server, should it be possible for an audio app on the client to trigger the server’s pulse to start, similar to how it works on the local machine ?

Last BBQ of the summer

Filed under: Belgium — Thomas @ 7:01 pm

7:01 pm

Today we had some friends over for probably the last barbecue this summer…

This was probably our best this year. Well-prepared, all the preparations ready before people arrived, nice chunks of meat, … We started off with frozen strawberry daiquiris and this fresh ceviche made yesterday evening: 71113

The pièce de résistance was a nice chunk of côte à l’os of 1.5 kg:

Good food, good company, our first bottle of Perfum de Vi Blanc, the great wine we got in the Penedes, and no stress. Even Kristien was surprised – she hardly did anything and still everything went smooth!

IEC specs, Red Book

Filed under: Hacking — Thomas @ 10:32 am

10:32 am

Dear lazyweb,

Together with the cdrdao developer, I’m trying to get my hands on the Red Book spec for Audio CD’s – also known as IEC 60908. The spec can be found on the IEC website. This spec is still not freely available, even though it’s been what, 20 years ?

It seems a spec like this is offered from several different places, at different prices, and I don’t know where the cheapest version usually can be found. Or maybe IEC, or Philips, offers the spec for open source developers at a more reasonable price ?

Who out there has had to get IEC specs for their open source projects, and how did you do it ?

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