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Arrived in London this morning by Eurostar, slightly under 2 hours from Brussels Midi. Met Lotte and we went to Le Pain Quotidien. I remarked on another successful Belgian export product, and both girls looked at me and said 'It's French.' No it's not. But they wouldn't have it.

Found postcards inside the place that were in English, French, and Dutch. Why would a French bakery in London have post cards in Dutch ? For tourists, they claimed. They still wouldn't give in.

Took me a while to get online to show the website to make sure they finally accepted that Le Pain Quotidien started in Brussels. Sigh - the women I know are wisenoses.

Spent most of the day walking around Spitfields and Camden. Found the Rough Trade store by chance, and they had guests from Barcelona over presenting themselves: scanner fm.

Between that store and a used store on Camden (the one that has Monday discounts where each CD left goes down 1 pound in price) I bought 20 cd's already. I love the powerful euro, London is basically 50% cheaper than I remember it to be.

So, tomorrow, some more walking, meeting up with a partner, possibly doing a job interview with someone for system administration, and Spiritualized performing their seminal 'Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space' Tuesday evening...


  1. Ah, you’re going on tuesday.

    Comment by iain — 2009-10-11 @ 23:19

  2. *Spitalfields? :)

    Comment by Thijs — 2009-10-12 @ 20:45

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