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Where’s my $100K?

Filed under: GStreamer — Thomas @ 21:03


Linked from the blog of the always excellent Harald Welte is this LIMO paper on the economic value of merging back changes to an open source project.

Quoting from there:

Currently, GStreamer comprises some 911,000 SLOC. Using our $50/SLOC factor, this equates
to an equivalent engineering cost of $45.5 million to develop this technology from scratch.

HFSNW! Surely at least $100K of that is my work. Where is my money?


  1. Thinking logically… in the pockets of the consumers?

    Comment by Vadim P. — 2009-10-23 @ 22:57

  2. So you did this work in your spare time?

    Comment by Mathias Hasselmann — 2009-10-24 @ 00:14

  3. Does this loc count, like, ffmpeg’n stuff?

    Has the gstreamer project actually every written a video decoder at all?

    Comment by Milo Pridgaski — 2009-10-24 @ 21:46

  4. Yeah… I think sloccount estimates the cost of code as if it were written under a fairly bad corporate bureaucracy. Of course it doesn’t really apply to new small companies, or open source, etc ;)

    Comment by Pierce — 2009-10-25 @ 23:07

  5. Seems like you could have earned that amount of money working on a project that pays adequately :p

    (Guess sloc estimates pre-tax value though?)

    Comment by Rob — 2009-10-26 @ 08:32

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