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python setup.py bdist_rpm and man pages

Filed under: Python — Thomas @ 22:10


Today while using bdist_rpm to build a quick package to test desktopcouch, the build failed on man pages. It took a while to figure out what to google for, but it turns out it's this bug which will turn 7 years old come Friday.

That is a little embarassing. I don't know if it's because bdist_rpm hardly ever gets used or because it's hard to figure out what the bug is or how to report it.

In any case, I attached a patch that worked for me today against python 2.6. I punted on actually rebuilding Python for Fedora for my repo since it's a little bit overkill (the plan is to build a proper .spec file anyway for the package), but if you need the patch it's in the bug report.


  1. […] off, bdist_rpm didn’t work for desktopcouch because of the man pages being […]

    Pingback by thomas.apestaart.org » desktopcouch on Fedora — 2009-11-22 @ 22:24

  2. Hi,

    I am currently maintaiing Distutils, but there are still lots of old bugs in the tracker… I’d be happy to fix this one.
    Are you talking about calvin’s patch on #644744 ? or do you have your own patch ?

    Comment by Tarek Ziadé — 2009-11-23 @ 10:08

  3. Hi Tarek,

    I thought I attached the patch, but apparently not. Just reattached it.

    Comment by Thomas — 2009-11-23 @ 10:44

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