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ubuntuone on Fedora

Filed under: couchdb,Fedora,Python — Thomas @ 00:19


I hacked some more this evening on getting UbuntuOne running on my Fedora 11 desktop.

Now, obviously, trying to get something with 'Ubuntu' in the name on Fedora was going to be an exercise in masochism, so I pretty much knew what I was in for.

The good thing though is that the desktopcouch and ubuntuone hackers are obviously enthusiastic at someone getting this to run on Fedora, and as I often find the right motivation is 75% of the work. If these guys are going to be receptive to my feedback, then it is worth spending my time getting this to run.

I needed to first figure out order of packages and software. ubuntuone-storage-protocol goes underneath everything. For now I settled on creating a bdist_rpm out of the setup.py, which I should repackage properly later.

On top of that goes the ubuntuone-client stuff.

Here's a bread crumb trail of bugs I ran into with possible patches I made:

Now I got it to the point where the client applet actually starts up without errors, and loads a UbuntuOne page into my Firefox window:

And there are no further tracebacks on my console.

Sadly, I get this puzzling notification message straight after:

I'm not sure yet how my client can be newer - I'm sure the ubuntuone guys will tell me what this means. Enough hacking for one day, time to catch some sleep for tomorrow.

UPDATE: apparently I ran into this bug, where apparently due to some bug the ubuntuone guys decided to add a capability to make sure no one would be using the old client. I understand the logic but I think that should be handled better - the message is not obvious, and I don't think it's easy to figure out what's wrong.

In any case, the patch worked for me, and I just synced my first test file to the cloud ! Whee ! Not sure why syncing a 22 byte text file took roughly half a minute to sync, but it's a start.


  1. This is good to see. I think for CouchDB to really take-off as a piece of the open desktop, the service models that leverage the technology have to be at the very least distribution neutral.. even if they aren’t open codebases on the server side. Showing the UbuntuOne services really are vender neutral should make it easier to push things like desktopdb into the upstream gnome project…. as long as the licensing and copyright assignment terms are acceptable.

    Though for Canonical’s sake, what they really need is cross-platform interoperability and get some subset of UbuntuOne services operational on Windows and Apple platforms as a value-add for paying customers. I don’t see Canonical making much money off of Fedora or Suse users.

    Are you planning on submitting reworked packages for review into Fedora and maintaining them?


    Comment by Jef Spaleta — 2009-11-24 @ 03:28

  2. Hi Jef,

    as far as I can tell the only thing that is not open codewise is the storage server. This competes directly afaict with Dropbox, and I’m not really concerned much about that part. The CouchDB stuff is what I’m interested in, and as best as I can tell a) they just use CouchDB with their oauth changes and b) you can run your own if you want to out of the box. Still need to test that last part, but since you can just use deskptouch to pair between your machines I don’t see why it wouldn’t work against an online one.

    You can use desktopcouch perfectly fine without ubuntuone basically.

    I agree they would need Windows/MacOSX support (just like Dropbox) if they want to make money off it, but I’m not sure that’s their goal yet. Certainly I will keep using dropbox for now to share files with people in the company.

    As for submitting packages, yes of course, as soon as I get something interesting going that works for me, my app, and the standard apps they have (bindwood, tomboy/notes, evo)

    Comment by Thomas — 2009-11-24 @ 10:50

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  4. Doh! You also ran into another bug in the LP UI it looks like (which I don’t know if there is a bug filed for yet or not). But 1.0.1 is not the latest tarball release. I think the LP UI is only showing the latest tarball from the trunk series on the project page, which is of course, not likely to be correct. Rather in fact, there is a 1.0.2 tarball on the downloads page, which you should use instead. And it’s already got the _tunnel_host issue fixed. :)

    Comment by Rodney Dawes — 2009-11-24 @ 05:48

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  6. Waiting for your progress :-D
    I would like to sync Tomboy notes via UbuntuOne.

    How can I help?

    Comment by monkey — 2009-11-24 @ 08:02

  7. Hi monkey,

    I’m not yet up to the point where I can use tomboy to sync notes, but you could help just by trying out the desktopcouch packages at this point and giving me feedback.

    I will slowly work my way up the stack as time permits.

    Comment by Thomas — 2009-11-24 @ 10:52

  8. Thomas, I’ll try in the next days. Do you have a repo or so with your patched code? A wiki page on Fedora wiki?

    Comment by monkey — 2009-11-24 @ 13:03

  9. Hi monkey,

    If you have the new tomboy installed, you can just point it at the Ubuntu One site to sync with there. It isn’t using couchdb for storage yet, but we have implemented the tomboy web API (snowy) on our server to get notes syncing working. I believe you need version 1.0.1 for this.

    See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Tutorials/Notes for the details.

    Comment by Rodney Dawes — 2009-11-24 @ 17:22

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  11. @Rodney Dawes: does not work in Fedora, Tomboy cannot connect to the server.

    Comment by monkey — 2009-11-25 @ 20:39

  12. […] Ведется работа по адаптации пакета для использования в Fedora Linux online-хранилища Ubuntu One, в рамках которого любому пользователю предоставляется 2 Гб бесплатного дискового пространства на серверах компании Canonical. Хранилище позволяет организовать размещение данных на внешнем сервере, выполнять операции резервного копирования, обеспечить возможность синхронизации между несколькими машинами адресной книги, заметок Tomboy и закладок Firefox. При подключении храналища в домашнем каталоге пользователя создается директория “Ubuntu One” данные из которой в асинхронном режиме синхронизируются с внешним хранилищем Ubuntu One. […]

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  18. hi,
    im using fedora 11, im unable to use the internet in fedora but im able to ping the network. im using 24 online internet, in order to use it we need to log in the client but i dint find any 24 intrnet client for linux(fedora). plzz help me out and if possible mail me..
    Thank you in advance..

    Comment by vinod — 2009-12-11 @ 11:04

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  20. Is this project still active, or has there been a replacement for it? I’m running a mixed network (Ubuntu, Mythbuntu, Fedora/Ubuntu dual-boot, Windows) and want to be able to keep everything in sync. This looked to be the perfect solution.

    Have a great day:)

    Comment by Patrick Dickey — 2012-01-12 @ 02:49

  21. Patrick,

    I’ve been wondering that too, but no official info afaict. I know that they stopped using couchdb, that the irc channel and mailing list are close to dead, and no releases have been made for a while.

    Comment by Thomas — 2012-04-02 @ 10:37

  22. I’ve got a Dual-Boot Ubuntu/RHEL-WS setup and would also like to be able to synchronize my files to my RHEL System.
    Are there any RPM’s for an “Enduser” available for RHEL 6.2?

    Comment by David Ayers — 2012-01-24 @ 15:04

  23. You can just rebuild the .src.rpm

    Comment by Thomas — 2012-04-02 @ 10:36

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