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Glowing Fluendo codecs review

Filed under: Fluendo — Thomas @ 13:17


Once in a while one is allowed to gloat at a job well done, right ?

I just read this favourable review of our codecs and DVD player. It reminds me we've come a long way over these past almost-six years. I'm happy to see that someone I don't even know has such nice things to say about our work.

Which only goes to show that, the less I'm involved with a particular area of work at the company, the better it seems to do :)

In related news, recently I noticed we took another step on the Ladder of a Real Software Company: we made an Actual Physical Product that you can actually use to install something.

Front: 71128
Interior: 71131

This CD, even though it's already outdated, is going on the shelf at home. After I show it to my mom so she starts believing there is a real company over there in Spain :)


  1. As a purchaser of the codecs: they’re great and they work, but if you want to do video editing with pitivi, you have to install the illegal ones, because fluendo ones “aren’t good enough” and don’t work.

    I found it kind of dumb.

    Comment by Vadim P. — 2009-11-27 @ 18:10

  2. “illegal” codecs such as ffmpeg are legal where I live, enough for me.

    Comment by funman — 2009-11-27 @ 21:11

  3. I use both the codec pack and DVD Player on OpenSolaris and am very very happy with both products. Fluendo has done a fantastic job IMHO

    Comment by Che Kristo — 2009-11-28 @ 08:30

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