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It finally happened

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The best French music site teamed up with the best French band to produce a lovely child I didn't even know I wanted!

Amazing how good 1901 sounds stripped down on acoustics. The big surprise here for me was 'One Time Too Many' - it's a great song, but on this recording just simply the intro they were playing here gripped me immediately. And then, as they get off the bus, but keep playing and singing, and you actually stop hearing the keyboard (because it's the last in line to get off the bus), then hear it come back again at the right moment... Simply awesome.

Three more months to seeing them in March!

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  1. Haha, nice! I love when bands do stuff like this. Guster will do stuff like this too and rarely anyone knows who they are and the bands are so humble about it… so great! Thanks for the link!

    Comment by Eric Pritchett — 2009-12-09 @ 18:29

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