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lost disk space on N900 VFAT

Filed under: maemo — Thomas @ 22:06


Today I ran into a weird problem on my N900. I was clearing some space to put on more music, and to do so I wanted to delete some root images I had on the device.

I had used qchroot to mount each of them to decide whether I could delete them or not. The combination of mount, qchroot and closechroot however seem to have some issues; I'm not 100% convinced closechroot actually properly cleans up. It seems to do so, but running mount after it shows most chroot mounts still active, although you can't actually access them or unmount them by hand.

Anyway, I unmounted them as best as I could, and deleted 3 of them, for a total of 8 GB. However, the disk space wasn't actually freed. Deleting other files worked fine and reclaimed disk space as expected.

I rebooted, thinking that there probably were active references to the blocks, but this didn't fix anything either.

I started digging around for possibly hidden Trash folders, and someone on #maemo suggested that there should be a /home/user/MyDocs/.Trash-1000 but it wasn't there on my device.

Eventually, I found about dosfsck, which is installed on the device, and it said something hopeful:

Reclaimed 109128 unused clusters (7151812608 bytes).
Free cluster summary wrong (5274 vs. really 114402)
1) Correct
2) Don't correct

and after some fiddling to actually make it apply the changes, it dropped the following files in my MyDocs:


They were all about the same size as the images from before, so I deleted these files and voila!

Since I didn't find anything pointing to this using Google, I'm posting it here so that I can find it next time, as well as others that may need it..


  1. wherw did you find dosfsck on your phone i’ve looked for it and i can’t find it

    Comment by shaun — 2010-03-22 @ 19:41

  2. In a package called dosfstools.

    Comment by Thomas — 2010-03-27 @ 15:13

  3. Thanks a lot!!!

    Comment by Joseph — 2010-08-02 @ 10:33

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