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Twisted training

Filed under: Flumotion,Hacking,Twisted — Thomas @ 11:58


Today is an exciting day at the office!

Jean-Paul Calderone (exarkun from Twisted arrived in our office this morning to give our development team an in-depth training on Twisted.

For now, the schedule is two days of Twisted training, one day of code sprinting on Twisted, and two days of consulting on our platform and various issues and projects we have.

For us it's exciting to get a training from one of the top hackers in Twisted, and I hope it is exciting for him to see a commercially successful use of the project he worked on.

But mainly I'm looking forward to a bunch of days of high-level technology talk.

Time to get started!


  1. Please don’t tell him Fedora’s package is still at 8.2 and RHEL 6 is likely to have 8.2 as well, for the next 8/9 years…

    Comment by Gianluca Sforna — 2010-03-19 @ 12:26

  2. It seems he will be also at the next Barcelona Python Meetup: http://python.meetup.com/185/calendar/12858258/ on the 23rd of March

    Comment by Christof — 2010-03-19 @ 12:30

  3. Christof, yep, I set it up with Maik! Coming ?

    Comment by Thomas — 2010-03-19 @ 15:22

  4. Awesome, wish I could be there!

    Comment by Johan — 2010-03-19 @ 14:13

  5. thomas: Yes, I will be there.

    Comment by Christof — 2010-03-19 @ 16:31

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