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National in London

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Yeah baby!

Here was my script for the day:

while true; do urlwatch | grep NEW && gst-launch playbin uri=file:///home/thomas/The\ National\ -\ Afraid\ of\ Everyone.mp3; TZ=EST date; sleep 15; done

The script was watching a page on the website of the Royal Albert Hall in London where some additional tickets were supposed to go on sale for The National on May 6th. If it detected changes it was supposed to play the latest new track from the album they're about to release...

For some strange reason, urlwatch actually failed to notify me, but luckily I was doing some regular refreshes as well, and now I have two tickets. After two completely botched up ticket sales originally, this time the tickets went on sale more or less at the right time, with few people knowing about it, increasing my chances of actually getting them.

Finally I have something to look forward to... Now to find someone who wants to go too.

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