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First GStreamer conference

Filed under: Conference,GStreamer — Thomas @ 16:55


I'm in Cambridge (the UK one, not the US one) for the first ever GStreamer conference!

Years ago when I was in a cabin in the middle of the woods in Norway at four kilometers away from the closest main road and cut off by waistdeep snow, I never imagined that today I would be attending a conference dedicated to GStreamer with 150 people. 150 !

It seems the conference is a good mix between professionals and hobbyists. I've seen a few interesting applications built on top of GStreamer. Pretty cool stuff.

I took a quick look at the conference schedule and out of 19 talks, seven of them are from people that have been employed by the Fluendo group in the past, and for most of them it was their first full-time GStreamer job. It's great to see these people branched out to other companies and taking GStreamer with them and higher up!

All in all, looks like the GStreamer community is in good shape. Next year, we'll need two days...

While we're at it, we should be handing out '10 years of GStreamer badges' to the people that have stuck by us so long :)

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