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PyChecker pre-release

Filed under: Hacking,pychecker,Python,Releases — Thomas @ 00:23


After more than two years, it's high time another PyChecker release is made. The previous stable release, 0.8.18, does not work at all with Python 2.7. I also implemented a slew of opcodes, and I fixed one particular bug a long time ago where modules with the same name (in different packages) where hiding each other's errors. Especially in Flumotion where most components have an admin_gtk.py, this was very common.

This is going to be my first PyChecker release, so I would appreciate it if you could give this prerelease a whirl and see how it works for you. I'm especially interested in hearing from projects that used to use pychecker but have stopped using it because it hasn't seen releases the past years.

Download the pre-release. The same directory has a src.rpm and a noarch.rpm for Fedora 14.

I plan to release this Saturday.


  1. Thanks, I have been using pychecker inside SPE in windows for several years but I was switching more and more to pylint because the lack of support of the package (in fact stani seems also to have abandoned SPE despite being one of the best IDEs around because its simplicity and design). I do like pychecker warnings better than those from pylint. I find them more efficient (less noise) and it is a great think to learn that someone is working again on it.


    Comment by joaquin abian — 2011-01-07 @ 11:03

  2. When trying to replace the Pychecker plugin in SPE I realized that SPE uses pychecker2 and this part of the package is not in the new pychecker release. What the pychecker2 status is?.
    Thanks again

    Comment by joaquin abian — 2011-01-07 @ 11:41

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