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morituri pre-release out

Filed under: Hacking,morituri — Thomas @ 9:01 pm

9:01 pm

After a weekend of extensive bug fixing, and some followup hacking around recent GStreamer regressions that I saw on Fedora 15, everything seems to be hunky dory again, and my F15 rips are just as good and accurate as my F14 rips. Christophe Fergeau as if by magic dropped by IRC on Freenode in #morituri and spent some time figuring out what the problem and the cause was, leaving me with enough energy to actually hack around it.

morituri is a cd ripper that aims for accuracy over speed, implementing functionality not commonly available in Linux rippers, like AccurateRip verification and read offset detection/use.

Get the prerelease, or install the package from my package repositories repositories, and let me know how it goes!

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