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About a wildlife channel

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One day we got a call from one of our customers across the globe who stream a wildlife channel. They told us that, instead of a broadcast of their channel, which was embedded on their home page, there was now an adult channel in its place. A very different kind of wildlife channel... Could we fix it as soon as possible?

I was pretty worried, because if it were our mistake that would be pretty embarassing. So I asked Zaheer, our resident DVB expert at the time, to investigate.

After a lot of debugging and head scratching he told me that there was nothing wrong on our side - the channel that was configured to capture was in fact an adult channel. In the end, we looked up the satellite channel names again, and then we noticed that our customer's channel was not in the place where it used to be. Apparently it had changed PID.

When we told them what happened, they told us, 'Oh yes, you are right. We got a notice from our satellite provider a few months ago that the number would change but we forgot all about it...' They didn't think to warn us.

I was just happy it wasn't our fault after all!

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