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GStreamer Conference number 2

Filed under: Conference,Flumotion,GStreamer — Thomas @ 14:28


I'm in Prague right now for the second GStreamer conference. Prague is as pretty as I remember it from eighteen years ago when I was still in high school and we had our yearly school trip.

It's great to see a mix of familiar and new faces again. 11 years ago GStreamer was made public, and I joined a year later around the 0.1.1 release if I recall. And now it's this huge living breathing thing.

Tomorrow I will be giving a talk about Flumotion here, at 12.00 in the main room. If you're interested in GStreamer beyond mere playback, this talk is for you. The only sad part is that my good friend Jan Schmidt will be talking about Bluray at the same time, but I'm relying on Ubicast to record it properly so I can see it later!

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