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morituri 0.2.0 “ears” released

Filed under: morituri,Releases — Thomas @ 23:45


A new year, a new morituri release.

I got informed some people wanted to use morituri with a different log output, so I made the logger pluggable.

For my personal use, I have now gotten to ripping all my singles and ep's, and so instead of having singles with the same name as an album overwrite the album, I added template variables for the release type. I've also changed the default templates to use it, so if you were relying on the default template for your collection, you may want to either move those files or use the previous default template.

morituri now has a config file, so once you've run rip offset find to find your drive's offset, it will save it and automatically use it for ripping. Same for checking whether cdparanoia can defeat the drive's caching. morituri saves it by drive information, not by device node, so it will work with different USB drives too.

See the trac page for more info and download links. You can also download it from my package repository for Fedora 17 and 18 if that's your distro.

For the curious, here's some more info:

This is morituri 0.2.0, "ears"

Coverage in 0.2.0: 67 % (1890 / 2807), 95 python tests

Features added in 0.2.0:

- added plugins system for logger
- added rip cd rip --logger to specify logger
- added reading speed, cdparanoia and cdrdao version to logger
- added rip drive analyze to detect whether we can defeat audio cache behaviour
- store drive offsets and cache defeating in config file
- rip drive list shows configured offset and audio cache defeating
- added rip image retag --release-id to specify the release id to tag with
- added %r/%R for release type to use in track/disc template
- added %x for extension to release template

Bugs fixed in 0.2.0:

- 89: Fails to rip track with \ in its name
- 105: Backslash in track names causes "Cannot find file" during rip
- 108: Unable to find offset / rip
- 109: KeyError when running "rip offset find"
- 111: Python traceback when config has no read offset for CD
- 76: morituri should allow for a configuration file
- 96: rip image retag: allow specification of release ID
- 107: Backslash in track name confuses AR step
- 112: add MusicBrainz lookup URL to generated logfile


  1. Hi,

    There is no 0.2.0 package for f18?

    Comment by seb — 2013-01-29 @ 23:02

  2. There is, in my repository. Did you follow the link to my package instructions? Let me know if it worked.

    Comment by Thomas — 2013-01-29 @ 23:47

  3. I ran: su -c “rpm -ivh http://thomas.apestaart.org/pkg/fedora/17/i386/tao-release-1.0-3.fc17.noarch.rpm
    Oddly it appears as t.a.o 18 in Software sources.

    Then I found out about http://thomas.apestaart.org/pkg/fedora/18/x86_64/tao-release-1.0-3.fc18.noarch.rpm
    But all I have is rip 0.1.3.

    Comment by seb — 2013-01-30 @ 00:02

  4. Sorry about that, it seems the repo was outdated. Can you try again now?

    Comment by Thomas — 2013-02-03 @ 14:43

  5. # cat /etc/yum.repos.d/tao.repo
    name=t.a.o $releasever – $basearch

    name=t.a.o $releasever – Source

    Comment by seb — 2013-01-30 @ 00:05

  6. Just got an update with morituri 0.2.0

    Comment by seb — 2013-02-03 @ 23:11

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