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mach 1.0.2 “ears” released

Filed under: mach,Releases — Thomas @ 10:32 pm

10:32 pm

Another Fedora, another mach release. This release fixes a minor bug and adds support for Fedora 18.

Get the source, update from my repository, or wait until updates hit the Fedora repository.

Happy packaging!

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  1. But *WHAT* is mach? You blew your chance. If someone follows your “Get the source” link they won’t learn, even if they click the “mach” category on your blog and read _every single post_ it won’t help.

    I wrote http://www.skierpage.com/blog/2010/10/open-source-you-are-the-marketing-department/ just for you :) Too busy? “The second sentence of every announcement and blog post HAS to be a summary of what the hell your project does. It’s a good exercise to come up with a crisp meaningful one-sentence overview and no one will begrudge you the repetition.”

    Comment by skierpage — 2013-2-3 @ 2:20 am

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