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If I was 16 years younger…

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 22:30


I'd totally try and be the intern for pinboard.

The money is great for a summer job, but that's not the important part. pinboard seems interesting, it's a real service, and it's (I assume) small enough to understand from top to bottom. Contrary to, say, a Google Summer of Code project, you get to touch a real existing service, and from what I can tell from the blog you get to do it with a smart and funny guy.

You've got five weeks left; even if you're in the middle of exams right now, apply!

(And if you do, why not add the features to merge and rename tags while you're at it?)


  1. Trolling?

    Comment by Albert — 2013-05-03 @ 22:42

  2. I don’t know, are you?

    Comment by Thomas — 2013-05-04 @ 08:57

  3. No, I’m not, i just wonder why you go on planet gnome and say that “Google Summer of Code” is not over “real existing” things and noone complains. Maybe everybody else has learnt to ignore you? Or you really believe coding on Gnome is worthless?

    Comment by Albert — 2013-05-06 @ 15:13

  4. Wow, such hostility! What’s going on?

    Did you deliberately leave out the key word in what I said, ‘service’ ?

    As far as I know GSOC is about contributing to open source projects, not necessarily services. If any of the GSOC projects are about an actual running service that you get to change, feel free to correct me.

    Why would you even suggest that I would think coding on GNOME is worthless ? That’s like a double troll – first of all, because I have coded on GNOME, and second, because this is not either/or. It’s completely OK to have various projects and summer internships in the world – at no point am I suggesting that GSOC is worth any less than this pinboard internship. I just don’t think GSOC particularly needs my marketing attempts to get the word out there.

    Suggestion – blow off some steam before replying.

    Comment by Thomas — 2013-05-06 @ 15:50

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