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morituri 0.2.2 “my bad” released

Filed under: morituri,Python,Releases — Thomas @ 22:23


The 0.2.1 release contained a bug causing "rip offset" find to fail. That's annoying for new users, so I spent some time repenting in brown paper bag hell, and fixed a few other bugs besides. Hence, my bad.

I can understand that you didn't all mass-flattr the 0.2.2 release - you tried it and you saw the bug! Shame on me.

Well, it's fixed now, so feel free to pour in your flattr love if you use morituri! Just follow this post to my blog and hit the button.

The 0.2.2 packages are in the Fedora 17-18-19 repositories. Enjoy!


  1. Yeah, that *was* annoying for new users! I’ll try again.

    Comment by Christopher — 2013-07-31 @ 04:23

  2. Do you have any plans to update your repo to include F20 packages, specifically for morituri? I’m getting dependency issues with the F19 package on F20, which is preventing me from updating Python and a couple other packages if I want to keep morituri installed as a package. I was just curious.

    Thank you so much for morituri. I hope life is going well; I’m sure you’re very busy as of late!

    Comment by Gideon "Gnafu" Mayhak — 2014-06-10 @ 19:11

  3. I haven’t updated to F-20 myself yet, but I should. I’ll try and get that done. What’s the dependency issue with the F19 package?

    Comment by Thomas — 2014-06-21 @ 21:50

  4. Actually, I just built it for F-20 using mach. Can you let me know if it works for you?

    Comment by Thomas — 2014-06-21 @ 22:13

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