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Did a lot and very little at the same time. Went out with collagues, helped a friend of mine move (I hate moving, and having to move boxes to the center of a city like Barcelona is even worse), went out blading, had my niece over for a few hours, played some SSX3, went to have dinner with two friends at their place (with the best salad I've eaten since moving here).

Got a nice mail from someone about the ipw2100 modules I made. Need to update them to 2.6 kernels, I think I have the mechanism worked out now.


Wim started today, yay. I'm stuck on trying to figure out a way to help negotiation wrt. fixation a little.

Join Ross

"Grab the nearest book, open it to page 23, find the 5th sentence, post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions." Suggestion 2: Pay attention to your problems.

I had to cheat though, the first book only had three sentences on that page.


Last week I managed to embarass myself again for a change. I'd been looking for a tango place when I moved here. The first one we went to last month was closed for renovation. I had found some posters around our place with "Tango" on it in a nice big font, and a stylised dancing couple. It claimed the place had three evenings with orchestra. So last weekend we went there, got in, paid 10 euros each, and entered the big room.

Looked like a nice enough dance hall, but everyone in there was at least 50. While it's not uncommon to have older people on Tango evenings, there was no one our age at all. Also, the music wasn't tango music, but Spanish popular music. After some walking around and thinking, I realised that the place itself was called "Tango". Sigh.

At least I know where to send my parents to next time they're in town.

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