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Last weekend, I had a good time at the Primavera Sound festival. Seeing the Pixies was a childhood dream come true. They were every bit as tight as I expected, and they drew most of their setlist from the first two albums (well, three if you count Come On Pilgrim and Surfer Rosa as separate). And of course, Kim Deal is still Kim Deal. Sigh.

Somewhere during the set four people right next to me took out something that they opened and it contained a mirror and some lights next to it. They proceeded to put on a small pile of white powder and cut it up with a card in four small lines. I’ve never seen anyone do that at a festival so out in the open.

Next day, great performances by Elbow (but too short) and PJ Harvey – who had a 100% rock-approved backing band with her. The guitarist jumped around non-stop, and both him and the bass player looked like young versions of Tom Waits. She played some old favourites as well, though I wouldn’t have minded if she played more.

The festival location was awesome, smack damn in the city, in a reconstructed old town. I love this city more and more each day.


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