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Ogg/Theora streaming

Filed under: Fluendo,GStreamer — Thomas @ 8:38 pm

8:38 pm

Work is progressing. Zaheer is joining in on the fun, he was able to stream from his DV camera using theora, and watch the stream on his Mac OSX machine.

Meanwhile, Wim has changed the muxer somewhat so it does a nicer job of doing live streaming by making the Ogg pages smaller. Johan is doing great work on the python classes and making sure they can launch from a nice config file, so that we can wrap up the code and hand it to Matthias for live testing soon.

Today I set up a relay server on a university machine using our code, and it works quite well.

From that server, you can check the jpeg-like stream with audio (you need Java for this), or if you’re brave and you have a player that supports Theora alpha3, try http://birgit.urgent.fm:8801, which is the relayed Ogg stream (with only Theora) from our server here.

For tonight, I turned on some crap music from the office’s broadcasting system and I left on the lights in case you want to see something. The view is the centre square in front of our office with the fountain, so don’t expect to see much after 10 PM CET. And of course, if it’s down or stuttering, all of that is still possible.

This stuff is fun to hack on. Started getting my toes slightly wet in the server python code as well today.

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