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Ogg/Theora+Vorbis stream

Filed under: Fluendo,GStreamer — Thomas @ 9:20 pm

9:20 pm

Ok, so finally.
Point your theora-enabled player to http://mirror.fluendo.com:8802/.
The stream is a view on the fountain (since it’s weekend and we’re not working) with a commodore 64 tune in loop (since we won’t be saying anything useful anyway in the weekend). The tune already annoys the hell out of me, I need to bring my music collection to work very soon.

The same stream, but different encoding, can be watched with a java applet. You can also get a dump of the stream and it should play back locally just fine.

Here’s a recording of me dancing to the tune.

Of course, the usual disclaimers – electricity isn’t very stable here in Spain so sometimes the server is gone, the network is not always stable so sometimes the mirror is gone, and random crashes could happen. Leave us alone, it’s the weekend.

Enjoy !

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