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Flew to Belgium and back for the weekend on account of a wedding of the guy who stole my job. Was great to see people again, including my ex-boss and even the ex-ex-boss. Nice to catch up with gossip as well. Photos of the wedding will make it online soon. And you know, just being around people you know are your friends and being able to fall back into the old social routines just makes you feel good from time to time.

This time I wasn't feeling the slightest bit sad at all to not live there anymore, I just wanted to get back home to Barcelona as quickly as possible after the wedding. Tried meeting up with my parents, too, but circumstances and their lack of organisation skills decided it was not to be. Same for a family gettogether on Sunday - they informed me three days in advance that there was to be one, and I could attend if I managed to get out of bed after the marriage. The next day they had decided to shift it to the evening, for a reason that probably was valid more than a month ago. Sigh. Just as well I suppose - sleeping later is always nice. Well, it is when your girlfriend doesn't wake you up :)

Sunday before going back we went to a Jazz festival in Brussels, in a nice park, with Kristien's parents. I couldn't attend the undoubtedly great barbecue in Peter's back yard with everyone I care about. Oh well, a bunch of them are coming over next week anyway.

And this week Tamara and Timothy have come over, and we're thinking of maybe going to a Tango evening. There seems to be an international Tango Festival close by as well, coincidence ?

Over the last ten days I also read two Dan Brown books on suggestion from others - Da Vinci Code and Angels and Daemons. Apparently he's very popular at the moment. I only realized how popular on Sunday evening when I was queuing to get on the plane, and the woman to my left was reading an English copy of the Da Vinci Code, and the guy on my right was reading an Italian one. They weren't too bad, just a bit too similar to each other, and the "puzzles" were easy to guess. You can tell he knows how to tell and twist a story though.

Anyway, I've decided to pick up reading again, and started with a classic of classics - the original A. A. Milne's Winnie-ther-Pooh.

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