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Party time

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This week Tamara and Timothy have dropped by. They spent their first two nights in the Novotel, because the room Kristien has for work was available.

Apparently our guest room is so warm these days that they prefer to sleep in the living room instead.

Meanwhile Kristien bought some cherry tomato plants after coming back from a short cocktail stop with some friends at a bar. We bought the plants at two in the night, waking up Diego, the shop owner. The flower market is open 24/7, and I have no idea why it is, which makes me love this city.

We were talking about it all week - let's go to the beach, bring some food and drinks and just sit there. So yesterday we went and did just that - making caipirinha and caipiroska on the beach. I think I've finally found an alcoholic cocktail that I like - even though my version of it was not completely the correct one.

Tonight Tamara and I are going to milonga. We tried going yesterday to some place I found on two sites, but apparently they have moved their dance night to Monday. Sigh. Anyway, the one tonight is certainly being held as I called to ask.

And this week a whole bunch of friends are coming over, yay ! Life is good here under the sun.

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