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Filed under: Fluendo,Hacking — Thomas @ 4:14 pm

4:14 pm

I’m trying to keep a todo list around of what we need to do at work.

I’ve started thinking about the user interface, and have translated one of the use cases to a scenario. It’s enlightening to force yourself to actually try coming up with a UI, because it adds a bunch of design restrictions and forces you to cover your ground again.

I’m happy we’re using Python and that we have Johan around. He’s fixing bugs in PyGTK as we encounter them and I can bother him nonstop with all sorts of newbie PyGTK questions. Making GObjects in Python is insanely easy compared to the equivalent in C. So much so that you just create a GObject when you need it, because you can rely on its signal handling working well, whereas in C you’d hack around it.

So I’ve written a UI for a producer using a test signal, and a UI for a preview window for video that you’d be able to insert in any of the components on the server to see what’s happening. Now back to the drawing board to incorporate things I need that I’ve figured out with these tests.

Need to stresstest the server regularly as well. I’ve found a bunch of HTTP stress tests but they focus mainly on how well a server processes requests. We’re looking for something that would either allow us to “capture” requests together with their low-level read/write times and then play them back. The difference with HTTP request replayers is that we really want to replay the specific read/write behaviour, since this also effectively emulates both the speed the client reads at, as well as the specific burstiness of the client.

Or, any project that can generate requests this way, where you are in control over the simulated clients’ speed and their specific request profile would be good. Drop me a note if you know of a good one.

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