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12:11 am

Woke up late-ish on Sunday but not really. Johan, Wim and I had a movie afternoon planned at Wim’s place, since he has the big projector and the empty wall. King Kong, Monster and Kiki’s Delivery Service. I think I like them in that order, with the last one being the best.

Yesterday night we went out to dinner with Lotte, Lotte’s mum and uncle, and Herbert Flack, a Famous Fleming :) Some absolutely excellent food at a restaurant called Limbo – we didn’t hold back, and we still only managed to end up with 23 euro a person for the bill. Excellent, can’t wait to go back…

Bought some ground wiring yesterday, need to find a free moment to install it.

Ran a flat tire with my bike today (I ride the bike to work these days since it’s slightly less sweat-inducing than skating, but only marginally so). After some cursing I took the subway home. For some reason we have a spare wheel lying around, and it also happened to be a rear one, yay. So I swapped it out. Good to know my bike repair skills are still buried in my brain somehow. Now I need to buy some tools so I can repair the broken tire.

Sometimes life seems so simple here. If it doesn’t work today, there’s tomorrow.

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