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Pukkelpop Day 1

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So, time for a quick recap.

Day 1 had me mostly walking around by myself - Wiebe had to work, and Peter and Tinneke were on their way but not quite there yet. Started off with Peaches, which was entertaining. Then came Keane, my favourite for the day. They were OK without being brilliant - maybe too much gesturing ? Skipped through Within Tempation. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone can take a so-called gothic band that manages to bring not one, but two, inflatable "marble angel statues" on stage serious. As much a joke as this was the next band, Papa Roach. Seriously, sometimes I feel like there should be a subject in school teaching the basics of music.

Anyways, I enjoyed the Delays, Phoenix (who were loud, rocking and right on targe this time around), Ash (who sang completely in tune this time around, with Charlotte doing heavenly backups), and Groove Armada (taking home the prize for best T-shirt). Faithless was OK-ish but nothing compared to their previous triumphs here in Belgium.

So far for day one !

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