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Kristien was back to Belgium for the first time for her new contract. She's working only halftime but making good money, so it's worth it. I spent the weekend trying to sleep off my lack of sleep from the previous week, and for some reason I went in overdrive cleanup mode. My collection of computers had a number of copies of home directories at various stages in my life, because each time I a) get a new machine b) get a hard drive failure c) get a new hard drive to have more size, I just dump my homedir as a backup to some other drive without actually cleaning it up.

Which turns out to be quite painful when you decide you want to a) clean up and b) do proper backups for a change.

Also, going through some of my archived CD's with photos, I have now convinced myself that CD rot is in fact a real problem, and about the only thing that will give me peace of mind is a combination of backing up to CD, DVD, and a live hard disk RAID. So I'll start working on having a nice setup for that soon. The way I figure it is that my data matters to me, enough to pay for keeping it around. I wouldn't like losing a whole bunch of pictures, or a bunch of old stuff I've done, so I have to do some work and pay some money to get it done correctly.

Of course, I also cleaned parts of the house, did some laundry and ironing, and other assorted bits, like trying to fix some stuff in the house.

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