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A Night Out

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Yesterday we got a visit from Daniel Fischer who works on Warsaw Pakt. He showed us some of what it can do, along with a cool video of a performance being done with it where a person dancing is being traced in real time, and a generated image gets projected on a big screen behind her. At some point it was generating an outline for the shadow that acted like a contracting shell. So she would extend her arms, causing the outline to grow organically, and then shrink back around her later on. Hard to explain, and I'd link to the video which is supposed to be on the site but I can't find it.

Anyways, afterwards we met for dinner at our favourite tapas place again. There Johan informed us that he 'disliked birthdays'. Apparently I wasn't the first to be informed of his dislike and I had the same 'huh ?' question as everyone before me. The observing reader will have realized by now that it was, in fact, Johan's birthday.

So we sang a song and then Johan got to decide what to do that evening. So we ended up drinking a cocktail in the city, then a cocktail by the beach (which is where 'they' got an Orgy, which you can only order if there's at least four people ordering it), and then that got rounded off with a nightly swimming session by Johan, Wim and Ismael. I was happy enough just watching their clothes for them since some guy was taking pictures and circling around us.

So, happy birthday to a not-quite-so-young-anymore turnip.

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