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So the crew invited themselves to a barbeque at my place. They sure know the way to my yes is through the stomach. Since by that time we had made a certain news site with our applet, it turned into a celebration dinner. We managed to get Wim to go through some of his design ideas for GStreamer, and it looked like Ronald seemed to like them.

Each time I read or hear about them I understand more and more of it. It also makes me realize that a good design for anything doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it's the opposite - as long as the design is still hard, convoluted, fuzzy and difficult to understand, it's probably the design's fault, and not mine. Seeing how we manage to simplify and crystallize the design of our server, for example, makes me even more sure of that.

Hope we can do something about that. Basically, if we can't answer basic questions to newcomers that try to program with GStreamer, it means we don't have decent design yet.

All of us had managed to forget that it was Catalunya's "national" holiday. I had asked Christian to find the best possible meat at the Boqueria, and he called me to say that it was completely closed. Which, you know, would normally be impossible. Luckily, Johan managed to find one store that had some meat. Though I still have suspicions that part of the meat was meant for soup.

We sent Miguel a mail to invite him, and he came over, calling Duncan in the US to tell us he was there on IRC. Modern communication just gets better and better.

It started to rain about the time we wanted to go to eat, so we were forced inside. The plus side was that Kristien called to say that she was coming home early because the tent had been flooded.

Interesting discussions on various subjects. I seized the moment to ask Miguel about some comment he made some time ago about GStreamer's "bloat", because I was seriously interested in his opinion on it. He made some good points, and some comparisons to bonobo. But as always, the hard part on any project is convincing the people that are completely on the inside that people on the outside have a different opinion and also might be right. In other words, it's not automatically OK to pretend that they're wrong just because they don't know the subject well enough. The "I know more" defense is always a bad one, basically.

After the topic switched to relationships (but my collague forbids me to talk about the subject in public), Miguel promised his servitude to one of ours under a certain nigh impossible condition. We wish the possible new master good luck with fulfilling it. Then it was time for Kristien to make her much awaited re-appearance. Our night got cruelly ended by the neighbourly woman who wanted to sleep for some reason.

So my plan for getting to bed early today was yet again foiled. Drats ! And sunday, which had been reserved for hacking on some bugs, was also torpedoed by Kristien, but I didn't mind. Welcome back my dearest...


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