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Finally managed to transfer UI components on the fly containing more than one file (in our case, a file of code and a glade file). The component on some other machine sends its UI files as a bundle and that bundle gets cached locally based on the md5sum. So I change something in the UI code on machine A, reload the view in the admin client on machine B, and machine B asks for the bundle, realises it has changed, asks for the new files, and caches them locally. Then it executes it.

Net result is that as soon as I click save in the editor, and click in the admin client, I'm running new UI code. Pretty sweet. I'd hate to have to think this up in C.

I finished this piece based on Johan's first draft yesterday during the Mono talk, because I was juggling lots of objects in my head and wanted to flush before I forgot.

Here's the UI for the statistics of the HTTP streamer. I'm happy that I have the HIG to give me direction - I may not agree everywhere, but it sure beats the crap out of having to figure this out all by myself. HIG police, please tell me if I missed a rule or did something wrong in this shot.

Now I need to clean up the code, objectify correctly, and then move on to the next component to add a UI for. And as proof of concept I should test our objectifying by writing an HTTP admin interface as well. Should be easy.

Now I'm off to Boston, so I'll try not to work on the server for a few days. But it'll be hard because it's so much fun...

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