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3:11 pm

Today was an unexpected day off. So I decided to build GNOME 2.9 at home, looking at some stuff I wanted to fix. I also wanted to set up ccache and distcc because I have a 2GHz server and a 3GHz desktop, as well as my laptop, so it’d make sense.

I was betting on the time spent getting distcc working offsetting the time lost not starting jhbuild directly. I’m not sure if that’s how it turned out though :)

Going through the build, I noticed/fixed a few things:

  • howl’s build is crap. with enable-static it fails to build, trying to link in some .o files it should build but doesn’t. Workaround is to add an argument for it.
  • evolution-data-server crapped out at compile time because of missing nspr.h. I went through the incredibly dense configure.in until I realized the actual problem, fixing a few other things in the process. Patch submitted.
  • after having the distcc setup working, I noticed jhbuild was not honoring my makeargs. Spent a few minutes figuring out the problem in jhbuild. jhbuild is very little commented and has no debugging. I’m sure jamesh knows it well enough to not need either, but a hapless hacker like me sure wouldn’t mind having them. Each time I think I need to fix something in jhbuild I get scared.
  • libgnomecups uses cups-config without actually checking if that binary exists, then failing through the compile. yuck. fixed.

Almost building nautilus, a few more left.

While doing these builds my CPU is rising to about 86C. People tell me that’s not good. So I should probably stop the machine and with my feeble hardware skillz try and remedy the problem.

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