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This just is NOT my week

Filed under: Life — Thomas @ 1:40 pm

1:40 pm

Thursday, we had a day off that I didn’t know about before. Cause for celebration, you’d think. I set up a jhbuild on my home machine the night before so I could take a look at some bugs with the GNOME freeze coming up.

In the afternoon, my machine started heating up, as I’ve mentioned before. Weird stuff started to happen, until the machine stopped dead and did not want to boot anymore. It would start and run for five seconds, turning on lights and fans, then stop. I assume the CPU was shutting down the power supply. Last time I had a problem was with this same computer – the store replaced the motherboard (that was not due to overheating).

Anyways, after some reseating, taking out the whole stack of junk, and putting everything naked on my desk, the machine booted again. It did cost me a good four hours of twiddling though. So I didn’t really get round to doing what I wanted to finish.

Today, Saturday, I woke up to my desktop’s mounts being read-only. Uh oh, disk errors. Reboot. The machine doesn’t want to even boot from the disk anymore. For some reason hardware I get or use here in Spain is about ten times more prone to breaking down than back at home. Last summer I blamed the heat in general, but it’s not too hot at the moment, so that’s not it.

OK, let’s give up and buy a hard disk and thermal paste for the CPU. But let’s check our bank account first. Wait a minute. This can’t be right, I was sure I had more money than this. Check statements.

Somebody cashed out 3681 euros three weeks ago. It’s supposed to be a teller cheque, one you withdraw and sign for personally. Either I’m finally schizophrenic, or someone took money out of my account. Of course, I realized this slightly after 1 PM, which is when the banks close for the weekend.

I should never have gotten up this morning …

I think I’m going to go to San Andrea for a bit, shoot everything that moves, and find some banks to blow up. Hopefully that gets me through the weekend…


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