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Finally found some use for the STACKS of business cards I still have from my previous job.

  • you can use them to spread out thermal paste evenly over your CPU
  • you can use them to separate your CPU from the heat sink by sliding the short side underneath a slit inbetween CPU and sink, and gently exerting a lateral force on it to free the two from each other
  • you can put the card inbetween the rows of pins on the bottom of the CPU to check for bent pins, and wiggle the card to put the pins back in place. You can do this in both directions - a lot easier than using tweezers and a lot less chance of breaking off pins, which is a no-no.

In other news, I bought a completely new motherboard, after hearing at the store on Saturday that they wouldn't change it, only send it back to the manufacturer. Which would take a month. Which is why I bought the new board. The new board made my PC work for a complete day. After that, failed to boot again. Went to the store again, this time with the complete case, showing them all the warranty papers. The guy tried my CPU in another machine and it worked there. Sigh. puters. So I had to leave it there and they would look at it.

If anyone lives in Barcelona, is good at hardware, and can help me out, feel free to contact me.


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