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The last month I've been feeling at a very low energy level. It started with getting ill for a week, and from there I never really recovered yet. Nothing very definite as a symptom. I sleep enough, but I wake up dead tired. I feel as if I've had only six hours of sleep continuously, and my productivity is a lot lower than it should be. Kristien thinks I have the kissing disease. Well, my gland is surely swollen, but not alarmingly so. Just have to wait it out I guess.

New kids on the bloc

After a long wait, Bloc Party will finally release their debut album sometime this month. Sadly they're not coming round here for a show, and the Brussels show is the week right after FOSDEM :/ Anyways, I "found" the album on the internet, and I haven't listened to anything else for a week straight. It is fantastic. If you like your rock prickly, chaotic and echoed, get the album now.

I guess I'm not a typical use case, but being able to download an album is clearly not going to stop me from buying this album as soon as it comes out. Part of the reason for this is that mp3's you find on the net are pretty bad quality-wise. Another part of the reason is that I encode all my music in ogg at a higher-than-average quality, and I want to keep my collection virgin. I wonder what would happen if I could find online music in high-quality ogg straight-away.

and I know that you're busy
yeah I know that you care
you got your finger on my pulse
got your eyes everywhere

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