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Watched two more movies on Thursday - Baise-moi (acceptable but disappointing) and some other I can't even remember. Went to work for the afternoon on Friday to quell unrest, still feeling a but squeamish but better.

Kristien convinced me to tag along for the ski weekend, so I took a lot of books (didn't even take my laptop, so I must have been some kind of ill) in case I wouldn't feel well enough to ski. But everything turned out fine. First day gave us good snow, the second was a bit more icy and the day ended badly because lifts closed suddenly on account of violent winds (it wasn't me), forcing us to do a fifteen minute uphill climb and then a bunch of flat slopes. Snowboards and flat slopes don't mix. I also had a small accident at, of all places, a ski lift. Some guy that had more balls than technique managed to fall down getting off the lift blocking everyone else. Instead of looking out for myself, I tried to not hurt him and ended up landing on the edge of his board with my face and my ungloved hand. My face is sort-of-ok - or not much worse off than before - here's the result.

Yesterday I called my father the doctor and explained the situation and he sounded very gloomy and depressing when I described the details. I was starting to get the feeling that he was going to suggest amputation, but apparently I had woken him up. My dad never goes to bed this early, I wonder what's up. Anyway, first he suggested getting a special solution that (Internet is a boon for hypochondriacs) was used in World War I to treat infected wounds. Then he said I might consider going to an actual doctor. So I put the picture online so my dad can see if I really really really have to see a doctor, which I'd like to avoid.

When you move to some other country where you don't speak the language you build this perfect bubble around yourself in which everything is fine. This works for 99% of the time. When something is not fine, it's hard to deal with it because your common knowledge of the language that you get by on is completely inadequate for these situations and the emotions that come with it. You feel like a toddler making up new words to convey what you're going through, you're not able to get angry or sarcastic at people because you spend most of your brain cycles understanding what they're telling or asking you in the first place. It probably takes a while before you're fluent enough in a language to handle the 1% of your life that is not in the bubble...

In other news, a little girl peed in my couch. I am watching the Sopranos from the edge of my couch now.

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